Terms & Conditions


Prices:   Prices will be charged on the day of despatch at the daily rate.  Whilst we make every attempt to maintain our average prices, fluctuations do occur, especially at times of stormy weather.


Substitution:  As fish is still a wild organic product, the availability can also be affected by poor weather conditions.  Therefore, if a particular species is not available, Newlyn Fish will substitute another similar fish where appropriate.  If you do not want this alternative then please indicate when ordering.


Fulfilling Orders:  Should we encounter difficulties in completing your order for any reason, e.g bad weather or many of your items being unavailable we will notify you at the earliest possible opportunity.


Payment:   We accept payment using all major credit and debit cards over the telephone.  Please provide your card number, valid from and expiry dates, an issue number in the case of switch cards and finally the 3 digit security code on the reverse of the card.


Queries:  If you have a query or problem with your order please contact us as soon as possible on the day of arrival.  Please leave a message on our answerphone if necessary.