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With seafood, the least complicated cooking methods are often the best. 


We have however, listed below a selection of recipes which may point you in the right direction, however, the internet is a great source of inspiration and as you are all well versed in its use, you can enjoy finding the right cooking instructions for your and your family.


Bouillabaisse Part 1
Bouillabaisse Part 1.jpg
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Bouillabaisse Part 2
Bouillabaisse Part 2.jpg
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Brill wrapped in crispy potatoes
Brill Wrapped in crispy Potatoes.jpg
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Cod with spring onions
Cod with Spring Onions.jpg
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Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes.jpg
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Fish Crumble
Fish Crumble.jpg
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Mexican Gurnard
Mexican Gurnard.jpg
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Pan Fried Bream
Pan Fried Bream.jpg
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Roast Monkfish
Roast Monkfish.jpg
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Roast Pollack with Saffron
Roast Pollack Saffron.jpg
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Scallops with Cabbage
Scallops with Cabbage.jpg
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